"Dancing A Sad Thought" from KGB Bar Reader. Includes paraphrase and personal commentary on the work.

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Dancing a sad thought

Not always people can have a correct opinion for something they haven't already tried or felt. I got impression here in Romania, which is a beautiful town where you can find a lot of different things to do. I come from small town, and ever since I started my studies here, I was pushed by my mother to go to an opera, theater, or a ballet. I will not have the opportunity to enjoy such things in my small town, where performances like these are not organized, so I should take that chance now; as my mother say so. She thinks people should pay more attention to things like these, because it's a kind of culture and it would be a shame for any person not to visit these kind of motivated routines. At the beginning, I didn't pay much attention on what she was saying, but now I realized how wrong I was.

A person cannot always believe in something before he see it with his own eyes, or feel it with his own heart. Now, when I know the great feeling of being a part of the audience while people are presenting their qualities and talents on the stage in front of you, I totally agree with my mother. I even get interested in all the things connected with the human abilities of making show in different cultural areas; including all the acting, singing and dancing genres. I want to learn more and if I have a chance to be a part of some of them; to see the joy that comes while learning something new. Until now I've only had the chances to play piano and sing in front of an audience and also to take so called sport or "exotic" dance lessons...