How Dangerous are Drugs and What can we do about the drug problem?

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Drugs have infiltrated our cities, our towns and our lives. Though a small percentage of people

use drugs, they do attempt to spread their plague among others. But, how dangerous are these mind

suppressors? Do they kill like the statistics show, or is it a coverup to stop people from having a good

time? Even in Franklin County, there are drugs. How bad is the problem? It is worse then most

people think, but what can we do about it? Can we do anything about it?

Marijuana is the drug of choice among most addicts. It is provided cheap

and is easily available. Overdosing it on this

drug is not possible, or at least dying of an

overdose, thus making it seem safe. The high is described as a rush of

calmness and relaxation. People under the influence feel relaxed and as if

their problems are gone. The most common method of

doing this drug is smoking it.

The leafy plant is dried and

smoked in a joint, or a rolled cigarette with a paper mouth piece. It can also be

smoked in a bong, or pipe. Another method is eating the leaves of the plant.

They must be cooked in some sort of fat. Marijuana is fat soluble, and for

the reason, must be cooked in butter, lard, milk, or other substance. A new

method is being

tested. It


'baking' the

marijuana under a flame without burning it. It is nearly the same as smoking it, but there is no smoke,

which may limit the chance of lung cancer. Yet is this drug safe? No. The

short term effects, besides the calmness are the following: temporary memory

loss, rapid heart beat, and dizziness. The

long term effects include the

following: Lung cancer, heart

problems, and

immune system disorders.