The dangers of Homophobia

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Homophobia- freedom of opinion or dangerous attitude?

Individuals are judged all the time for their race, their religion, or their gender. People Have fought for this prejudice behavior to stop for years, and in this day in age these racist and prejudice attitudes have become less acceptable. People now walk on their tip-toes, avoiding any conflict or harm that might be caused with hurtful words or actions that would have been normal in the past. Most of us wouldn't dream of standing up and saying we hate a specific race or religion, it just seems so wrong. So why is it still considered so normal to ridicule a person for their sexual preferences? This common occurrence of homophobia opens the doors to very hateful and dangerous situations and must be changed.

One of the most common excuses for homophobia is a person's religion. Too many people hide behind the excuse religions beliefs to justify their judgment of homosexuals. Although I feel everyone has the right to their own beliefs, convictions, and opinions, I feel that hating homosexuals because of religious convictions is an easy justification for many people's hate. One common rule of many different faiths is: hate the sin, not the sinner. The problem today is that this is not followed. Homosexuals are judged and condemned simply for their sexual preference when, according to religious beliefs, is only allowed by God. Therefor their judgmental attitudes are sins in themselves.

Not only are religious people standing up against homosexuals, but the excuse of religion is being used by most everyone for their homophobia whether they are truly religious or not. It is wrong to attempt to justify the hate for a person when you live at a double standard. How can people use religious reasons for hating a...