It Was A Dark And Stormy

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Rory Canady The Price of a Life As I sit and watch as many people find out about the death of pop singer Aaliyah , I see what are suppose to be grown men crying their eyes out alongside the females. Then I think to myself, why do they show so much emotion to her and they never met her? it isn't like she was close to them or anything or even a family member. Why? Then I remember back when I was a little boy to something I wish I could forget.

As a young child how many people can say they know the difference between murder and death? , Well I learned both.

As a child growing up in Cleveland, Ohio on 152nd street st.clair, was a life a child should never have to live, every night hearing gunshots not know what to expect each night. Until the age of 12 my mother tried to shelter us from that type of life, but we knew already what was happening before she did.

Growing up during drug wars and gang wars we learned quickly when to spot trouble, when to shut up and walk away and when to stay and fight. I knew what it meant to be shot I have 3 cousins who has been shot 8 times combined but they lived so the myth in my mind at the time is you can get shot and just go to the hospital, that's what I thought.

To break down what I m trying to get across I m going to retell you the story of the day I witnessed a murder. It was the 4th of July weekend and it was a day that everybody loved in my family, it was a time everybody came together and had...