The Dark City

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The Dark City

"What's happening outside," said Matt Parker, as he looked outside at the solemn, rainy sky with a frightful look on his stout face. Outside there was a huge pandemonium taking place. Matt saw people falling onto the ground and crimson blood coming from lifeless bodies. The teacher had stopped teaching for a minute to see what the students were surveying. He saw the students' scared faces watching with fright as the commotion outside grew to an alarming rate. The teacher yelled for the students to come in to a corner of the classroom so they would not be seen. Outside, people were either running for dear life or turning around to defend themselves. Two of the attackers opened the door to the school and started killing everyone they could find. They went from classroom to classroom looking into the doors and killing people whenever they saw them in the window.

Matt heard them coming towards his classroom. He was terror-stricken. He couldn't believe this was happening. The city had never endured anything like this before. It had always been a beautiful, friendly place and Matt thought it would stay that way forever. Suddenly he heard footsteps go by the classroom door.

"They must have skipped us," Matt thought to himself as the rest of his classmates looked around with terrified faces. The commotion outside had not died down. People were using their last gusts of energy to try and fight off the attackers, without any luck whatsoever. Then, Matt heard a horn sound coming from the front of the school.

"Listen up everyone. Don't be alarmed because only the weak get alarmed," said a strange voice Matt had never heard before, "Me and my group are here to take this beautiful city over. You are now...