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Dates In the lives of many, dating is a very common experience. Dates can be used to: get to know someone better, to try and spark a romantic interest, or to see if a friendship may evolve into something more. So to break dating down into three main categories there is the "getting to know" category, the "romantic" category, and the "becoming more than friends" category. Of course all of these categories have some of the same pros and cons, they each have their individual characteristics.

In the "getting to know" category is where you will most likely find the majority of dating taking place. The "getting to know" can either be a very easy and laid-back date, or cause many awkward moments. If the two involved in the date are just looking to have a good time and enjoy themselves, more than likely they will do just that.

However, if the daters are concerned with trying to impress each other and worried about getting to the stages of the "romantic" category, things may be a little awkward. This is why getting to know the person that you will be dating is important, to avoid those awkward situations, and silences.

The next category is the "romantic" category. This is the category that far too many daters try to rush into. This category almost always has a prerequisite of the "getting to know" category. In the "romantic" dating, usually the daters have already established that they are already interested in each other beyond the level of just being friends. In fact, the "romantic" daters are generally involved in long-term relationships.

The third and final category of dating is the "becoming more than friends" category. Basically in this situation, you begin to date someone in which you have been friends with for some time. In general this person and yourself did not have the original intentions of dating each other upon first meeting but now find each other to be interested in stepping the relationship up to the next level.

This is one category in which I can relate to very closely due to the fact that I have found myself to be in this situation. A few weeks ago I just found out that my best friend, Brooke, is interested in me as more than just friends. This does cause a bit of awkwardness due to the fact that we have been nothing more than friends since we had first met. On the other side though this can make the relationship go well due to the fact that we already know each other so well. Of course to add a little bit of drama to the story I also found out that another friend of mine, who I have known for only about a month, is interested in starting a dating relationship with me. This type of dating would be in the "getting to know" category. But I don't want to hurt either one so I am trying to remain in a non-dating relationship with both, but I don't know how well that will work.

In conclusion, dating a difficult subject to classify and very to go through at times. There never really is a dating relationship that will be in only one category, but for the most part is usually obvious which category different dating relationships fall into.