Dating Services have more Pros than Cons.

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"Dating Services have more Pros than Cons"

Well I have a lot of different ideas about dating services. First of all I don't think that they are good for everyone to use. There are certainly a lot of precautions you must take when dating but that applies to all dating. You need to use common sense and do not be naïve when it come to meeting new people. Also I think that the best kind of dating service is the internet type. The news papers and professional dating services seem to be a little "cheap" if you ask me. I would never want to try to post my profile next to one that says 300 lb. man looking for gay lover. It just doesn't seem right. Not that I'm against that sort of thing but it just sounds too cheap. Also, professional services tend to introduce you for dates as soon as possible.

It seems too fast for me. Are the men are expecting a little too much after they purchase that steak and lobster dinner?

But back to the subject at hand, yes I would participate in the internet dating service type program. Actually, I have been a member of a few on-line services and never dated any of the gentle men I've met but I have made a few good friends to chat with anonymously. There are over 1.5 million sites on the internet and I must say I was shocked to see that most services are free to join but there is a catch, you must pay if you want to contact or answer an inquiry, oh- these guys are smart!

Some of the pros of the internet type dating services are as follows in the next few paragraphs. The large volume of ads or...