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The Life of a Missionary.

DAVID LIVINGSTONE It was the grat Christian Missionary and explorer, David Livingstone, who once said, "i'll go anywhere with God, as long as it is forward." These inspiring words summarzes well the whole focus of this poineer missionary to the African people. Livingstone was gifted with a forward-looking eye that as confident in the poer of the Gospel of Christ to change men and nations. He acted upon his faith in full knowledege that the church of Christ would some day batter down the gates of hell.

David Livingstone maintained a journal that lovingly recorded his expierience and trials as a pioneer missionary. This facinating record reveals the long-term view that was pominent in all his planning and enterprises.

When Livingstone was found by the natives, dead upon his knees, on May 4,1873, it was a fiting end to a faith-filled life. He had died in the act of prayer, and can doubt that the last prayer, like, so many tha preceeded it, had borne up to God"this poor long downtrodden Africa?".

May God grabt His church a new army of missionaries that are equipped with zeal and faith to dare great things for King Jesus!