A Day in The Life of My Son

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The observation of a child is a very wonderful and tiring experience. I chose to observe my son Erick who is a little over a year old. From the moment he woke up in the morning, he was very active. First, he expressed to me that he was hungry and thirsty. I put him in his chair and watched him eat. Using his fork very slowly and carefully he stabbed each piece of scrambled egg and then put the fork into his mouth. Chewing his food, he smiled through every bite. When it was time to drink Erick put his fork down and with both hands, he picked up his sippy cup and drank. The whole time he peered over the top of his cup, watching me watch him. Breakfast was over with as Erick began to wash himself with a rag. He quickly wiped his mouth, then his hair, and continued down to his fingers.

Once finished, Erick flipped his body around in his booster seat, so that his stomach was on the seat while his feet were pointing towards the floor. Upon his feet reaching the floor, Erick was off and running. Immediately heading for the playroom, he got out some trucks to play with. Lying down on the floor, he pushed the trucks around the room for several minutes. He soon tired of the trucks and moved onto his Fisher Price "little people" toys, which consists of an entire city to include an airport.

With his amusement fading, he turned his interest to a big blue tote in the corner of the playroom. In this tote, Erick discovered a wide variety of books that seemed to overwhelm him. Standing up against the container, Erick bent over the side and looked inside. He stayed bent over like...