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Mia Petronio

Social Studies

DBQ- Middle Colonies

Period: 4th

In the 16th and 17th centuries, people from Europe travelled to North America. They came to the Middle Colonies for religious freedom and economic opportunity. The four Middle Colonies are New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New York. The people of the Middle Colonies were traders, farmers and religious people.

The people of the Middle Colonies were traders. According to the Big Idea Document, trading was a major economic activity. Every colony was involved with trading. In Delaware and New Jersey, trading was one of the major reasons for settlement. At first Delaware was part of lower Pennsylvania. Since Pennsylvania was larger, settlers didn't want to travel north for assembly meetings. However, in 1701 William Penn allowed them to have their own assembly. In 1704, Delaware split off from Pennsylvania completely and became its own colony. New York, which was formally New Netherlands, fought with England over colonies and trade.

In 1664 English warships attacked. That attack caused New Netherlands' Governor, Peter Stuyvesant to surrender. Another example is that they had candle stick holders, quilts, baskets woven from wood, and steady shelters. They must have traded these items, because they didn't have access to all of those items. They would have needed to trade tin, fabrics, and the tools to build the shelters. Most of the settlers depended on the fur trade, to keep them warm throughout the year.

The settlers of the Middle Colonies were also religious. One of my documents shows that the Middle Colonies had the broadest selection of the religions. According to the Big Idea Document, Pennsylvania was

the only colony who had religion as a reason for settlement. Pennsylvania was founded in 1638 by William Penn. Penn was a Quaker. A Quaker is someone that believes...