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In 1939 the world entered one of its gloomiest periods when World War II began. America officially entered the war in 1942. Although it was fought on foreign lands, it had a great effect on the American home front. Women experienced everlasting changes in their lives. Citizens across the country felt a greater sense of nationalism, along with a fear of foreigners. World War II had permanent effects on many aspects of American life.

One way that WWII effected America was the fact that women started entering the workforce. People designed posters to support women in the workforce. One poster included an image of "Rosie the Riveter", a buff young woman that represented working women, with the famous quote "We can do it!" (Doc. 1) This poster motivated women and helped them believe that they could do the same work that men could.

Another way WWII effected America was the high amount of rationing.

Rationing is when citizens are limited to what they can buy in order to conserve supplies for the military. A few items that were rationed include gasoline, sugar, and coffee (Doc. 2). Wartime rationing was necessary because the armed forces needed supplies for the war fought abroad and the only place they could get these supplies was from home. Also, it was a common occurrence to see people collecting scrap rubber from citizens so that the rubber could be recycled to make tires for military vehicles and other rubber products necessary for military needs (Doc 3).

One more effect WWII had on America was the dramatic death tolls counted after the war. According to the graph America had roughly 405,400 military deaths (Doc 6). In my opinion, I think that this fact brought Americans closer together and they became more patriotic. Also, after...