Dead Poet Society

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Dead Poet Society Essay The Dead Poet Society, a group of people dedicated to getting the most out of life.

I believe all the things in the Dead Poet Society movie were good aspects of living life to the fullest. I found that I learned much from the movie. Such as; live your own rules, don't let others hold you back, and follow your aspirations. Life is something you use, it's yourself that determines how you use it.

In order to life live to the fullest you need to seek out the extraordinary. When I find something extraordinary in me I discover a remarkable thing about me that everyone sees when they first meet me. For example, a extraordinary thing about myself is how I am able to relate with everyone and am able to share that. Extraordinary things about people are what make one another interested and interesting.

To understand others you need to find extraordinary things about them.

Extraordinary things allow one another to relate and know a person. For example, my friend Kim, if I didn't know she liked to express her feelings I would never understand her reactions to life. Without knowing people's extraordinary traits you are unable to understand them. That is why you need to find something extraordinary in everyone.

Now the use of respect isn't used as mush as much as it should be. Respect is showing concern and valuing people as you would yourself. The meaning of respect is so that everyone's opinions and values are considered, rather than rejected or made fun of.

For example, if you were to disagree with the way someone dresses, you should respect them anyway. Respect is important because without treating people with respect you will receive none back.

Every second we learn something whether we...