Deadbeat Dads: Epidemic

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Irresponsible parents or political scapegoats? It’s very easy to bring a child into this world. It takes a man and a woman to quickly construct a child in the heat of the moment. The problem with this is that in some cases, the father takes off on the mother and the newborn baby. He is suddenly faced with the responsibility of costly child support and simply being around and tending to this new child in his life. It is a life altering experience for both the mother and the father. In many cases the men try to make an escape due to the fact that they don’t want to be involved with the mother and the new child, therefore leave the child behind, fatherless. I believe all deadbeat dads are selfish, irresponsible men whose mental growth has been stunted somehow or another. A grown man should take full responsibility for a child he has created.

It is not fair to his partner or his child to be walked out on like that.

However, in some cases, women can be conniving and skimp on birth control pills and get pregnant “by mistake” by a man with “good genes.” There are many of those out there as well as the selfish men whose partners believed were good hearted and loyal. Women can also be to blame sometimes. In a case like this, where a man is tricked into believing the woman is taking a form of a contraception, I don’t think the man should have to be involved with the aftermath. If he firmly gave the understanding to the woman, that he doesn’t want a baby in the first place, then the woman should take full responsibility for her actions of sneakiness. It is a serious thing to bring a child into...