Deadly Decisions

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There are many dangers that go along with being part of a gang. It doesn't matter what kind of gang it is, there are always deadly decisions to be made. The main dangers that occur in the novel Deadly Decisions, written by Kathy Reichs, are the fear of being hurt or killed, the fear of hurting others, and the fear your family and friends have towards losing you. Temperance Brennan, the main character, had the experience to feel the fear of almost losing her only nephew, Christopher. He was involved in a gang and almost lost his life. Jocelyn Dion, one of Temperance's office staff, was involved with the Hells Angels. She hated knowing innocent people were being killed almost everyday. Christopher Howard, Temperance's nephew, was in a gang and didn't know it. He knew about gangs and how they worked. He didn't know that he was in great danger.

Christopher Howard, also known as Kit, was involved with the Hells Angels gang but didn't understand that he was considered part of it, until it was almost too late. He loves motorcycles and the engines on the bikes. That was why he wanted to be there with the bikers. He got to drive and ride on almost any kind of Harley Davidson he wanted to. "Are these guys bikers? Sure. That's why it's Disneyland for me. They all ride Harleys." He didn't realize he was part of the gang until the day he was almost killed. It was not only his life on the line, but also his aunt's. Kit knew about all the debris that came with being in a gang. He knew people got killed if they were disrespectful in any way or if they shared information to someone on the outside. He knew all of this because his aunt had warned him many times of it. She was always looking out for him. On the day of the funeral of a well-known gang member, Kit was with Lyle Crease. Lyle Crease is an investigative reporter for CTV. Back in his earlier years he was part of the Hells Angels, or so everyone thought. He was still with them but used the reporter for CTV as a cover up. He had taken Kit to the funeral, knowing that Temperance had told Kit not to go there. He had everything planned. While the funeral was going on, a couple of gang members started up some trouble with Lyle. Knowing he was in trouble he used Kit as bait, and tried to have Kit killed rather than himself. Shots were fired, but luckily they missed Kit and Temperance. Temperance was at the funeral because she had a feeling that something bad would happen, but nothing as bad as what could have happened. Kit thought that Lyle Crease was his friend. Lyle and Temperance went on a date, so Kit thought that by hanging out with Lyle, that he was doing Temperance a favor. But not the right favor. Lyle was actually using Kit for information about what his aunt knew about the Hells Angels. Kit actually thought Lyle cared for him and his aunt. As a result Kit was almost killed because he trusted the wrong people.

Jocelyn Dion was Temperance's temporary secretary at her office. She was an odd looking girl. She wore netted pants and very short leather skirts that were all black. All of her clothing was black. She always had black eye makeup on too. She wasn't a very attractive woman. "I'm a junkie, we both know that. I'm also a whore and a liar." She had information that no one would think she had. She knew about all the murders that Temperance was working on. She knew who the bodies were, who killed them and why. In other words, she was a very important person to the Hells Angels. She knew everything. After being with the Hells Angels for most of her life, she wanted to be normal like everyone else in the city. She admired Temperance very much. She liked that Temperance led a normal life. Jocelyn wanted to know what that was like. She tried to get out of the gang by running away, but they found her, and luckily they didn't kill her. So she stayed with them. But this time she wanted out. "Talking to you may get me killed, but I want out. And I want these guys to pay." She told Temperance to meet her at the coffee shop to discuss some things. While they were talking, Jocelyn told Temperance almost everything she knew. But before she could finish, a Hells Angel's sniper shot her. "Jocelyn's head flew backward, and a dark cumulus spread around it on the wall. I threw myself to the concrete, and covered my head with both hands." Jocelyn didn't want to hurt anyone anymore. She knew things should be different than the way they were. She knew the only way for her to get out of the gang, was to give up her own life. She cared so much for other people now that she set herself up to be killed. She knew that if she was to meet Temperance at the coffee shop, that she would be killed. She just didn't know when. Therefore, Jocelyn Dion may not have been a good person before, but she changed for the best. She didn't want to hurt anyone else. She gave her own life, for the life of others.

Temperance Brennan, is a forensic anthropologist, who is helping on homicide cases dealing with bikers. There were a lot of murders and bombings going on at the time when Kit just showed up at her door step, wanting to stay with her. Of course she couldn't put him out on the streets so she said he could stay with her. Little did she know that he would get involved with the wrong people. Like the Hells Angels for example. She knew that Kit was staying at her place at the wrong time. She was very busy at work with all the cases, and didn't really have too much time to spend with him. She was afraid that Kit would start hanging around the wrong people and get in some kind of trouble. Kit did end up getting into trouble, but didn't realize it, and of course, being his aunt, she would worry like crazy about him. Temperance knew that Lyle Crease was bad news, but when she tried to tell Kit he didn't want to listen to her. Lyle was a nice guy as far as he knew. When Temperance was younger, she was involved with people that were in a gang. She knew how things worked, so when she saw that her nephew was headed in the same direction, she flipped. "Kit. Outlaw bikers don't draw lines between gawkers and those wanting charter memberships. If they perceive you as even the most minor of threats, or even a slight inconvenience, they'll chew you up and spit you into tomorrow. I don't want that to happen to you." She cared about Kit like he was her own son. She knew that Kit was into trouble so she went to a biker bar to try and find him. She ended up getting ruffed up a bit, and taken to some building where she was to be beaten on, but luckily a friend saved her. "One arm compressing my trachea, the other bending my elbow at an excruciating angle, Pascal drove me through the crowd. His blade jumped with each step, and I felt blood ooze down the side of my neck." As a result, Temperance risked her life by going into a biker bar to find Kit and to get him on the right track. She obviously loved him very much to put her own life in danger.

In conclusion, Christopher Howard, (Kit) thought he knew what he was doing, but didn't and needed help to get out of his situation. He thought he wasn't going to get hurt, but almost lost his life. Jocelyn Dion turned out to be a good person. She knew that when things got too bad, that she had to get out. She couldn't deal with it any more, so she sacrificed herself in the act of hopefully saving other innocent people. Finally, Temperance Brennan, loved Kit so much, she couldn't let him become one of them. She had to help him no matter what it would take. When you really think about it, gangs are a huge problem in the world today. Many youngsters join a gang so they can fit in with others, or so they can say they belong to a group. Some join to get protection, or even because their friends are doing it. We need to stop these gangs. Too many young children are on the streets and hurting one another. It needs to come to an end. Get organized, and talk to others about it. Talking and doing things to stop it helps. Every little bit helps.