Companions , POEM ' Assassination" by don L. Lee and by a short story 'Only the Dead Know Brooklyn' by Thomas Wolfe.

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People in society are always searching companionship. Some people seek a strong sense of friendship or love in most cases. People who often seek friendship are often desperate for some since of understanding. These people often have deep emotional or psychological problems due to the fact that they are so desperate; they are willing to go as far as manufacturing relationships. People who often search for love end up trying to manufacture love. Manufacturing love can often lead to serious complications in the end, such as suicide or murder. This essay is going to be based on a poem ' Assassination" by don L. Lee and by a short story 'Only the Dead Know Brooklyn' by Thomas Wolfe.

People who are often searching for companionship go out of there way to search for someone to understand them. The often do not know what they are looking for but when they find it they know.

"I like to go out an' look at all kinds of place... "i got a map that tell me about these places" According to this quote this character has no specific place to go. This character travels around searching for something. He uses a map to find his way around but he is not really searching for a specific place. It becomes apparent that he is searching for someone that understands him.

People who are often looking for companionship don't often come right out and tell u. These people use symbolic languages with hidden meanings behind them. These people often test u to see if they are on the same level as them by asking you questions with symbolic meanings behind them."what would u ever do if u saw a man drowning... did u ever see a man drown" According to this quote...