"Death On the Nile" by Agatha Christie.

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The film, Death on the Nile by Christie Agatha is a romantic/horror film that takes place in Egypt and is a perfect setting for this movie. The monuments foreshadow the movie through symbolism with various Egyptian temples. The first time the movie warns the viewer through a monument is when Jackie, Linet, and Simon are standing on the peak of the pyramid together. The pyramid in Egypt is where the kings would be buried and wrapped up in particular type of fabric to preserve the body. The three of them were killed by the end of the movie, which shows the viewer that the pyramid symbolizes death. A second example of how this film depicts symbolism is after everybody on the boat stopped at the Temple of Karnack, somebody planted a cobra in the room of the detective to kill him. At the Temple of Karnack there were two cobra heads engraved into one of the pillars.

There was also chilling music playing while the viewers saw this. The third example of the movie predicting what will happen later is when it reveals the "unashamed rams." The rams have curled horns rather than straight horns because it is angry. These statues convey a couple messages. The first one being that all of the people on that boat were impure and immoral. Everybody had one way or another malicious intent to get something they needed from Linet. Everybody had a motif to kill Linet the viewer saw after she died. The other message seen through the rams is that everybody had resentment toward Linet. Therefore everybody was angry and was exactly like the rams. Finally, one of the more obvious symbolisms is the Nile River. The Nile River is where the first of the ten plagues happened. All the...