Death Penalty

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A Young man is shot and killed for some petty cash and his watch. The victim will never see his family again or have the chance to experience college. The murderer is given life in prison but is released on probation as a result. He then moves in next door to you.

Capital punishment is a topic that many people feel very passionate about. It is essential to have capital punishment active in today's society. Capital punishment will greatly discourage violent crime, will ease the burden on taxpayers, and is the only way for justice to be served in the United States.

First. Let me explain to you how the death penalty may prevent crimes from ever being committed in the first place. The fear of death deters people from committing crimes. Many murderers are not serving their full sentences due to early parole and over crowded prisons. If a murderer is released early this allows him to re-enter society without serving his full punishment.

Edward Laijas, author of Is Capital Punishment Just? explains that is people are thinking of committing murder and are aware that they will be released because of early parole, then it will not effectively deter any future crime from happening. Many criminals who get out on early probation are repeat offenders. Leslie Cantu, author of the article, "Deterrence"� explains that when someone gets a lenient sentence, the likelihood that they another crime when they get out rises greatly. The general public feels the affects when a criminal is not given the proper punishment. The crime rate tends to go up when these criminals are let out too soon. If someone robs a store and kills the clerk, but gets out on parole they may try it again to see if they can get away...