Death of A salesman

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Marco Tartaglio


Death of a Salesman

Willy is the protagonist and main character of the play. Unfortunately he's not like every main character of a tragedy. He's the "Salesman" from the title, but in the play it was never specified what he was selling. The reason Miller didn't indicate an item or product was to state and connect to every American. Willy worked for the company for 34 years wasn't a great salesman, traveled, and nobody knew who he was. Willy's dream was to be well-liked, he wanted to be like Dave Singleman, who stayed at home and did business by phone. Singleman was 83 years old, well liked and respected by his clients. At Singleman's funeral many people showed up and many people were sad to hear he died. Willy wanted his funeral to be like Singlemans, when Willy commits suicide, not many people cared to show up to his funeral; only, his wife, sons, Charley, and Bernard came.

Willy's philosophies were to be "attractive and well liked," then everything would be perfect. With those philosophies that person could have an easy life and will be successful. Willy was insecure about himself, alone for hours with nobody to talk to, and barely making any money. Willy's quote was "I have such thoughts, I have such strange thoughts." As soon as he got caught having an affair, his life went downhill and so did his families. His son, who loved and was fully honest to him, started stealing and couldn't land a job. When Biff caught Willy in the act he said "You - you gave her Mama's stockings!" Willy just wants people in his life to be happy, so he comes up with a way to do so by killing himself.

Biff was popular, well liked, and the...