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Death In Venice

Thomas Mann

This book isn't like any books or stories that I have read. This wasn't a true or a realistic fiction of any kind, which are the types of books that I am acquainted with, so this book was a new enjoyment.

At first, when I was reading this short book, it didn't really made much sense and I was having troubling understanding the plot. The reason being that I thought this was another same type of books that I usually read, realistic-fiction, and does not have a lot of thinking elements. (It just has the plot, instead of a lot of symbolism and putting things together). So, because of this, I was very confused. For example, when the main character, was in love with a beautiful boy that he saw in a hotel. I was very confused by this while I was reading it, until I got to the end, when I read this book again, this time not as much trying to understand the plot, because I already knew (about the plaque and the death at the end), but instead, this time trying to replace many things that were symbols or what they could represent.

When I did this, this short book made much more sense and I therefore I liked this new type of style. I understood almost everything, and finally when I had read this book over again, I understood what the author was trying to express to the reader or the moral. This is the summary of the book, I didn't try mixing up my symbolism that came out when I read the short book the second time and tried to put connections from the beginning to the end, with the actual summary or plot of the book, which is what...