The Decision That Changed America

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On August 6th, 1945 and August 9th 1945, America dropped two atomic bombs named Little Boy and Fat Man. Little Boy, a uranium bomb, was dropped on Hiroshima, and Fat Man, a plutonium bomb, was dropped on Nagasaki. These bombs killed approximately one hundred and ten thousand people, injured a like number, and were the source of America's victory in WWII. But was it really worth it? There are many different opinions on whether we should have dropped the atomic bombs on Japan during WWII. Each person has their own reasons for believing what they believe about the atomic bombs, but I feel that America was just in their decision to drop them.

There are many reasons why it was mandatory for America to drop the atomic bombs, but the most prominent is the fact that it ended a gruesome and horrific war that would have killed thousands of more Americans.

By dropping a bomb on Japan and not entering a land attack, we saved thousands of American lives, and ended the war promptly. "They (America) did not want to incur further casualties or let the long war drag on still longer. They did not want to suffer the embarrassment of a failed demonstration (of the bomb)." (Text Book 549). Many argue that while saving many America lives, we killed thousands and completely destroyed Japanese cities. Though it is true that Japan suffered much causality, it was just in that America suffered many casualties at Pearl Harbor. Japan may have received a greater attack than they gave us, but it was the best decision for America at the time. "They (the Japanese) have been repaid many fold." (President Truman). Though it caused great agony to the Japanese, it was the better decision in the long run because it saved the...