The Declines of The Muslim Empires

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The Muslim empires were made up of three main dynasties, the Ottoman, Safavid, and the Mughal. These empires each had a triumphant era when they ruled and also each had a significant history of how it improved the civilization in the Middle East. Eventually these empires faced a time where their power was going into the opposite direction and they later on went into decline on the throne.

The Ottoman Empire was probably the strongest dynasty that took over the Muslim throne. This empire was very powerful and it made many strong improvements in the warfare in the Middle East. This empire was established by a sultan named Osman I, he at first established the Ottoman Empire in Anatolia and afterwards in the 1350's, Ottoman rulers spread and conquered the European territories. The Ottomans were a small Asian group and even though their quantity wasn't large at first, they managed to gain power and by the end of the 16th century, a large portion of the Balkan Peninsula was under their control.

Once the Ottomans realized that they were successful at conquering Europe, they decided to establish themselves there by force and by the spring of 1453, their army attacked the heart of Europe, the city of Constantinople. The Ottoman Empire was really confident on their power because they were backed up with a large army that was loaded with weapons. This dynasty managed to make Constantinople to decline and to conquer the areas of Syria, Egypt, and a lot of the North African region. The major impact the Ottomans had as rulers was that they made the warfare in Europe to be very strong and stable. In the end, the Ottoman Empire fell because of a combination of internal collapse and external pressures. The government declined with the disintegration...