Declining Roles of International Bodies

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Being the largest and most competitive market in the world, participation in the international market by any nation often results in the pursuit to obtain any sort of advantage necessary to come out on top. This notion is strengthened when there is more on the line, such as international stature or respect, making that desire to use more creative or crafty means to achieve that success is further heightened. The prospect to 'cheat' the markets when in the heat of competition, especially for more internationally recognized and influential nations, becomes far greater than many would assume. When situations such as these arise, it becomes the job of internationally governing bodies and organizations to enforce international laws and see that justice is achieved. In the case that actions taken by international authorities are insufficient and do not resolve the issue, essentially, everyone loses. Smaller nations of less might can and quite often are victimized by the 'bully-country'; the protagonist nation also loses credibility among international partners; and finally the governing bodies lose face because they were unable to contain the situation, essentially deeming the organization meaningless and unable to fulfill goals it was formed to perform.

Occurrences such as this happen for a variety of reasons, such as weakness of governing bodies, and sheer neglect as result of power and influence affecting the mindset of country officials. Thus it will be seen that, with international power and status, be it military or economic, comes the neglect of international policies and trade rules, resulting in the degradation of international bodies.

It is commonly known to be human nature that when 'wrong' acts repeatedly go unpunished, they simply become second nature, almost habitual and consequently the guilty party continues to follow that pattern of behaviour. This is exactly what happens when internationally governing...