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Personal Strength

Personal strength is more than just a physical word. It is a word of high stature and can only be defined by searching deep with in ones' self. All too often we do not think about our personal strength until a situation arises that causes us to use this natural attribute. We have all had situations in our live such as the loss of a loved one, which have tested our personal strengths. Personal strengths are only defined by incidents, or knowledge of incidents that surround our lives.

The amount of diverse categories that encompass personal strength, are not limited to, but can be defined in the follow three categories: physical, mental, and spiritual. Physical strength can be defined as; the quality of being physically strong, or capacity to sustain the application of force without yielding or breaking. Mental strength can be defined as: effectiveness, or concentration on objectives or goals that have been set.

Spiritual strength can be defined as: the belief in an ultimate power, an ultimate spirit or the willingness to survive.

We have all heard of incidents where a person exhibited super-human strength to survive an appalling event or to save another person's life in an emergency situation. A good example of personal strength could never be more evident then Jessica Lynch's story of returning home after being held captive during the "War against Terrorism" in Iraq. Being a woman in combat, we can only imagine the trauma and adversities that she had to overcome to persevere during her captivity.

I remember, as a small girl, watching my mother run across the street, into a white framed house, that was bursting with flames. My mother, a very small woman, ran through a doorway of flames and pulled Mr. Miller, our elderly neighbor, to...