HOW I Define Truth

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Truth Truth barely uses mental thought, it has to do with feeling and how trust worthy the person is. Now to be trust worthy you have to be a friend. To be someone like that you have to under go an initiation process that proves to me that you will be honest, take pain, reliable, and are willing to take the fall for me and the other people who are close to me. There are a series of tests in involved and the only way you can get by these tests is if the group members agree of your abilities and you have been around a while and experienced the things we do. But still then you are on a probation kind of period where you have to gain are trust. Once you have trust then you will never be second guessed my friends because if they are willing to do all that for me then they would have no reason to lie to me.

If someone were to lie to the group and I found out the rule is, you have three tries to keep yourself where you are and each time you use one of those chances your trust dwindles. If someone uses up there chances they are delt with in the most extreme quarrelsome situation envolving the whole group. Even then the group decides how this punishment will be carried out before you are ejected from are society.

In the story " Babylon" the kid is initiated by taking his journey into the dead land. He is told not to go to the east the home of the Gods but his sign he received pointed to the land of the Gods. He thought and waited for a long time before entering knowing that if he did he...