"The defining function of the artist is to cherish consciousness." -Max Eastman

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"The defining function of the artist is to cherish consciousness."

-Max Eastman

The goal of an artist is to create art.

What is art? Art is the product of ingenious human activity.

What is considered beautiful art or repulsive art? There is no such thing. Good art or bad art is relative. For instance, some people might say that a certain book is good, others might differ. For a few group, that certain book is beautiful, many others might think it isn't.

Art comes in many shapes and forms. Kinds of art include paints, sculptures, photography, architecture and one of the most important ways of art: literature (referring to writing in general).

Beautiful, unpleasant writing serves many purposes, such as education, entertainment, among others.

In education, writing has evolved through time. Throughout history, writing has played an important role. Historians, who consider that the history-telling is something beautiful have help us understand important events, it also let us know the reasons why those events happened, among many other interesting facts of that certain occasion.

Considering as an example, The Spanish American War. Thanks to the writings of the historians, we can expand our knowledge of what happened back in 1898. This incident happened due to the restrictions on sugar imports to the United States, established by The American Tariff. This action severely hurt the economy of Cuba, which was based on producing and selling sugar.

Other examples include The World War II. In which, The Great Depression arrived. It was a period of actual economic decline, high unemployment, negative growth, and the disappearance of international trade. This resulted in an end to American capital flowing into Europe. This era led to a change for governing party in many countries; including, United States and Britain. In Germany, Adolf Hitler assumed emergency...