Democracy And Citizen Ship

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Democracy and Citizenship What do they mean to me? A democracy, I believe, is where the government is run by all the people who live under it. To have a true democracy, everyone must vote. If only 70% vote, then 70% control 100% of the government. In America we all live under a democracy whether you like it or not. It seems fair to me, people vote, and people get what they want in the ideal situation. With democracy we vote for people to represent us which I believe is a good idea.

Citizenship in my opinion defines one's responsibility as a member of a particular community. I believe that a true citizen is someone that follows the laws of the land. I don't mean that he or she has to follow and abide every single law, but as a citizen should be aware if what they are doing is illegal or not.

I think if someone breaks the law then they should pay the price for whatever they did. Obviously there are a ton of laws which people break all the time. By the dictionary, citizenship is the status of a citizen with its attendant duties, rights, and privileges. I agree with that definition.