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Demonstration Speech Topic: The basics needed to play the cello.

General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To teach the class through demonstration the basics of being a cellist.

Central Idea: The main idea of my speech is to teach the basics of cello playing.

I. Intro: Who here has ever thought about being a musician? Maybe you wanted to be the lead guitar player in your favorite band, or maybe you wanted to sing like your favorite singer. With a little help and a lot of effort you too can be a musician. As much as I would love to be able to teach all of you to play or sing however you want I unfortunately am not quite that talented so instead I am going to teach you something I do know and that is how to play the cello. With a few simple basics such as the setup, hand positions and sound production you too will be able to play the cello.

Trans: As I am sure you would have guessed one of the most important parts of learning an instrument is knowing how to hold it.

II. Set-up: A. Endpin B. Knees/feet C. Upper body Trans: Now that we know how to hold to cello we have to lean what to do with our hands. They are the next step in becoming a successful beginning cellist.

III. Hands A. Left hand- 1. shape 2. position B. right hand 1. pizz 2. Bow grip C. Different forms of bow grip Trans: We now know how to position ourselves, the cello and how to hold our hands. The final phase of learning the basics is to produce sound. As you were shown a minute ago there is more then one method to make sound.

IV. Arco playing A. bow...