Demonstrative Communication Paper

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Demonstrative Communication Paper

After completing the career interests profiler and the competencies assessments, it helped me to become more assured about the career choice I have made. I gained a better understanding of my competencies and how I can use them in my current and future professional setting. My results from the career interest profiler assessment, was directly in the career fields that I have always had interest in. What I found to be most interesting about the results is that it gave me a list of different career choices that would be best suited for my character and job ambition. The results gave me reassurance that I am an individual that likes to lead and manage others by delegating and making certain the job is getting done accurately and effectively.

In addition I believe taking the interest profiler honestly gave me a boost of self-confidence in the field that I have chose. It has helped me believe that I was accurate in choosing the right path in my education endeavor that will aid me in achieving my career goals.

Behind completing the competency assessment, the results really touch bases on what parts that will enlighten me. These areas have helped me get a better idea in the areas that demonstrate where my strengths and weaknesses are. The assessment described me as a having a take-charge personality that believes that if you follow the guidelines and use a systematic approach on handling tasks you will be effective. It explained that my professional behavior is usually handled by approaching tasks with the by the book method. Understanding my personal competencies has assisted me in gaining insight on what my strong...