The Density Of An Unknown Liquid

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Density Of An Unknown Liquid Density Of An Unknown Liquid Lab (#100) Purpose : The labs purpose is to determine the density of an unknown liquid, which later on will hopefully help in the discovery of the liquid's identity.

Hypothesis: I think that the unknown liquid number 100 is "Glycerol". My hypothesis is based on that the substance has a very oily texture, it is clear, has no smell, and it has a substantially high viscosity. I believe that the substance will have a greater density than water (1.0), because it seems thicker. I also believe that the unknown substance will have a moderately high viscosity because it is very thick and coats the walls of it's container.

Materials: ~ No safety equipment required ~ Unknown Liquid #100 ~ Disposable Test Tube ~ Graduated Cylinder ~ Paper Towels ~ Water ~ Scale ~ Pipet Observations : The substance sat on top of the water in the tube, which means that it has a greater density then water.

When I touched the substance the texture seemed very oily.

The viscosity is very high in this substance because when I poured some in the graduated cylinder it poured and trickled down the sides slowly.

The Substance coats the sides of the graduated cylinder very well.

The substance didn't really have a smell to it.

The substance is an homogeneous liquid because it is transparent. Viscosity: This substance seems to have a moderately high viscosity. It flows slower then water, but yet faster to something like honey.

Discussion: I don't believe that I had any substantial errors, But I did spill some of my substance on my hand while I was pouring it back into it's container. I think that I could have maybe tried to keep the amount of substance...