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To choose one person that has influenced my life greatly is not easy to do. I do not even know where to begin. How is it that, those who influence you the most are so hard to describe into words, none the less begin to talk about. By being an outstanding individual, my mom, has influenced and inspired my life tremendously in the female role. She has made me open my eyes wider than I ever though was possible. To be able to experience and see everything in all angles was her biggest perspective for me. "Things are not always what they seem," is what she always reminded me about. She also said, "If you look at things in different ways, from all angles, there is always something extra you can get out of a situation." Another one she use to say to me was, "Things you see at first glance, are not always what they seem.

So use your knowledge to your best ability, it is the key to all situations." My dad on the other hand, has brought the sense of life into my world of reality through sports. Growing up I was his little boy, until my oldest, of my two younger brothers, was born. He, as well as my mom, have showed me how to survive in the wold, by using your God given talents to the best of your ability.

The facts are though, I could sit here and write so much about my parents and go on and on about how they influenced me in my life; but the question stated was, who has influenced my life, throughout fiction, a historical figure or a creative piece of work. Mine is sort of a sample from all three. William Golding. He is the profound author of The Lord of the Flies, a novel written in 1954 about a bunch of young British teenage boys whose plane crashes on a island, and they are left to fend for themselves, without adult supervision. Throughout his life, his father, tried living it for him. From telling him what to do when and where, to even what not to study. He didn't want his son to follow his dreams, but instead his own. His father did not approve of the dream he had of writing or having any desire for English; but he rebelled anyway, and went to Oxford and studied 'The Classics' and sooner than he thought, he was writing novels that were being published into great works of art. His most famous though, was The Lord of the Flies. Golding's struggles to find himself have influenced and deepened my level of goal thought to follow what I feel are my dreams, more then I ever thought I was capable of doing. Throughout my childhood, that I have known and remembered, have been times of struggle and hardships. When I was just two years old my mom was diagnosed with a form of cancer called Hotchkins Disease. After a year of treatment and surgery my mom pulled through and survived. They had told her she would never make it through the cancer and would never live to see her family again. She was to strong willed though and with her faith in Jesus, she made it through. Even though to this day she sometimes has problems breathing with just one lung. The doctors, though told her she would never bare anymore children, but God blessed her with two wonderful sons, which are my younger brothers. It is now coming up sixteen years now since the cancer, and she is as healthy as can be. Around the same time my mom was in the hospital so was her mother. She had a stroke and became ninety percent blind and sixty percent paralyzed. From then on till her death she was unable to move her right side of her body. What seemed to be a horrible time in my family's life, the next thing they knew, they were rushing me to the hospital. At two years of age, I had a rare case of Chicken Pox. It has spread all throughout my body infecting every inch of my me. Even for a month I was blind as a bat, because my eyes were swollen shut from the pox. My hero then was my stuffed animal. Carmel. She was a camel that I held onto in my need of hope, and I never wanted to let her go. Just as my mom, I pulled through. It wasn't my time to go. Now I am fine, and survived with a hand-full of scars. As I was younger I had many influential heros to whom I have sought joy of accomplishments from, but Golding has surpassed them all by his defeats and triumphs. He has truly had the most impact on my life throughout. He is also, very recent in my life. For I just began learning about him and reading his works of art this past senior year. He explains how even though he has had tragedies, he still struggles to pull through and makes things better. When he explains his defeats it makes me open my eyes and realize if he could do so, so can I. William Golding shows when you want something bad enough, you won't put it off for another day, but stop what you are doing and seek that goal. As the saying is said, 'Carpe Diem- seize the day.' For without desire and hope, what are we truly? Without goals and dreams, what is there to accomplish, and why would we have drives if there is nothing to long for? And without failure what hope is there to struggle to fix what went wrong in life. Having someone you can follow that changes your life greatly through their deep goals and ambitions, that you have witnessed, and that they have accomplished, makes you want to proceed to see what you are capable to do also. Without following your heart, how do you know what your outcomes glorious feelings could be like. Golding created his own world of art and illusions, by forming his characters and their own world of reality through his thoughts. By him creating an adventurous work of exploration and creativity, makes me stand on my tippy toes, wondering what life's turns and edgy winds are up next for me. Through his works of art he shows his conflicts he has experienced. In The Lord of the Flies, he expresses what he encountered during World War II, while fighting for the Royal Navy. Through the war and its battles' wins and losses, he shows his triumphs and how he struggles to follow his dreams no matter what his father set him out to do, or in his case not to do. Though I did not know William Golding, nor have I ever seen or met him, I feel through him expressing his life through his works of art he has influenced myself and others to follow their dreams and goals and to face our own reality, we call life.