Describing a third culture kid.

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"I don't know which country to support, Arabia or Mexico?" A friend from an old school said this. The reason he gave was because he was half Arabian and half Mexican, in other words he was a third culture kid. A third culture kid is a person that has lived in more than one country or a mixed person that has parents that are from different country. In addition, a third culture kid has experienced other countries culture more than a bicultural kid has. In the novel "Children of the River" by Linda Crew, the movie "Bend it like Beckham", the speaker Dave Pollock, and from my own experience has some examples and reasons of disadvantages and advantages of being a third culture kid.

Marriage is one of the disadvantages of being a third culture kid. In the novel "Children of the River", Sundara wasn't allowed to hang out with Jonathan, an American.

She could only marry a Cambodian boy, which was chosen by her parents who they wanted to be the Fiancé. Soka, her grandmother had already chosen a fiancé for Sundara, which means that she couldn't hang out with anyone else, especially a white guy. This is a disadvantage because Sundara couldn't choose whom she wanted to marry. If a person that marries someone that he or she doesn't love, both of them wouldn't have a good life. Another example that tells a disadvantage in marriage being a third culture kid is David Pollock. Pollock said that marring a foreigner is disgrace to the family. He said that it would be like breaking the family tree (The tree were all family are the same country). A family that is all Korean, but the son marries a foreign person would be breaking the tree.