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After I have made my way up all seven flights of stairs I approach Penthouse Suite number 703 at Stangel Hall. I have half an hour until my next class and my stomach is growling ferociously. A quick turn of the key and twist of the cold metal door knob reveals our 10X12 semester resort. The sun coming through the window creates a glowing sensation surrounding the simple white box nestled between two wooden desks. Easily mistaken as an entertainment center with a television on top of it, but without a doubt this standing container is our refrigerator.

It is like Christmas looking onto this mysterious gift waiting to be unwrapped. I rip into its decorated packaging eager to see what jewels this treasure chest has to offer. The glossy white door is covered with small silver magnets that create a polka dot pattern. Held up by these magnets are goofy photos of friends accompanied by a bright orange exercise schedule serving as a friendly reminder before indulging.

A gust of Arctic breeze hits my fiery face instantly cooling my cheeks and drawing me in closer. My eyes are like ping pong balls bouncing from one inviting item to the next. My mouth begins to water for the crisp clean taste of fresh broccoli dipped in a pool of ranch. My fingers hanker to pull the string cheese into tons of limp noodles that will coil onto my tongue and melt into creamy goodness. A symphony of music is playing songs of joy through my ears as my eyes settle in on the Jell-O Smoothie Snacks. I can only begin to imagine the cool creamy texture coating my mouth with lush berries and buttery bananas. How refreshing a brisk waterfall of Ozarka Spring Water would be rushing down my throat...