Design Thinking and Innovation at Apple

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Apple has been a leader in innovation for years and has been able to achieve so by striving hard to deliver insanely great products with simplicity and sophistication. The constant need for innovation, development of unique product development strategies and their prompt execution, the presence of the visionary, Steve Jobs and their bold attitude at business experimentation formed the basis of principles at Apple.

During mid-1970s, computers were mere automation devices and were not perceived to be used for personal work. Apple reasoned the impact personal computing will have on individuals once they were able to see how beneficial the personal computers could be. It was essential these machines were highly user friendly. Apple achieved this by incorporating simplicity in the product design internally: by attending to the minutest detail in the product, evaluating whether a part or feature is really required, adopting new technologies, and externally: exploring different materials and approaches, enhancing customer experience by creating highly interactive products.

To be able to provide with a smooth and flowing customer experience, it was necessary to consider the smallest detail while designing the product. The philosophy was to achieve sophistication through simplicity by working out the intent for the product, its concept development, the process of making it and the user experience of working with it. The sleek design and appearance of Apple products, easy-to-adopt solutions, and inside-out simplicity in their design and usage, consistency and resemblance across products has a huge impact on the user experience.


The innovation and existence of the creative core of technology at Apple has continued through years despite the disorientation it faced by the lack of focus, increased competition and changing leaderships during 1985-1997. Post 1997, Apple managed to get its act together under the able leadership of Steve Jobs by focusing...