The Development of Canada as a Nation

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The Development of Canada as a Nation

Cherrisse Porter

There are different opinions about the most important event in Canada's development as a nation. The story starts with the voyager, warrior, and forefather of the second largest nation today, Samuel de Champlain. He is the famous French explorer who helped broaden the Europeans' understanding of Canada. Few persons in his era came to recognize the potential that North America had to offer in terms of its lavish and diverse landscape, countless rivers, lakes, and its plentiful amount of fur. Samuel de Champlain's arrival in Canada was the most significant event in the development of Canada as a country. Champlain had buoyant leadership skills vital during the time in which resulted in a lasting contribution to the settlement of Canada. His involvement provides Canada the rich history, identity and culture that it thrives on today. In comparison to other events such as the arrival of Jacques Cartier, Expulsion of the Acadians, and the British conquest of New France; the coming of Champlain to the New World changed the course of Canada's development the utmost as a nation.

In the seventeenth century with Champlain and the advancement of the fur trade, France reintroduced its presence on the North American continent. With the support of New France's Lieutenant General Pierre Dugua de Monts, Champlain sailed for the New World with eagerness to establish a permanent settlement. Champlain was a skillful cartographer who made detailed plans for reinvigorated settlements and maps of his travels. The king of France ordered a survey of the St. Lawrence valley to see if it was appropriate for French agriculture settlers, which would eventually back up titles to New France. Samuel de Champlain decided to establish his habitation in a strategic site, on the high cliffs overseeing the...