Development of Management Thought

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1-0 Introduction:

" Management is tasks, Management is a discipline. But management also people. Every achievement of management is the achievement of a manager. Every failure is a failure of a manager. People manage rather than 'forces' or 'facts' .The vision, dedication and integrity of managers determine whether there is a management or mismanagement'

Stewart, R, Management and organizational behavior, Sixth Edition, Laurie J Mullins. Prentice Hall (2002)

Management takes place within a structured organizational setting with prescribed roles. It is directed towards the achievement of aims and objectives through influencing the efforts of others.

This role encouraged a lot of writers to study management aspects, where they came out with theories that's become the sprit of management thinking.

Management theories came according to the industrial situation at the time, but a lot of these theories are still relevant till today and most of the manager still believe in it.

So in my assignment I will give a look at the four main management approaches and evaluate them then I will give my opinion to which one is still relevant based on my own experience at work.

2-0 Major Management Approaches

Studying management started around the end of the nineteenth century , and study was relevant to than one before even by completing it or by view other parts of the organization that the one before didn't concentrate in it.

So studying these theories is very important to managers to understand the development of management thinking and to base on it when dealing with different parties of the organization.

So in order to help managers these studies categorized as approaches , where there is four main approaches that identified the development of management thinking , some of these approaches are still applied in our daily living where things required managing...