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Running head: Homeless Teenagers

Homeless Teenagers

Homeless Teenagers

Wilhemenia M Maxey

Trinity International University

Professor Carly Johnson


There are many reasons to explain why Teenagers have become homeless. Some are "throwaways" which means that they were forced out of their homes by their own parents. The very people who should be protecting and loving these children just threw them away. This is not only incredibly heart wrenching, but it is also appalling. The good news is that some of the larger cities are taking steps to provide safe-havens for these homeless teenagers to stay. While the shelters are a great idea and wonderful way to help; the real problem still needs to be addressed. Homes need to be more stable and parents need to be real parents. Until that is resolved, homeless teenagers will continue to exist and will continue to need our help.


It was a misty dark cold night were even the moon had no affect of light, the wind was noisy everything in the way was it threw litter like it was the feathers and even the squirrels were no match for this wind.

The rain was sinking on to the ground and like every single drop was getting drowned by the other. I was on foot walking towards a roof. There was none. I pleaded and even raindrops came out of my eyes but still I could not find any cover to stop Mother Nature from hurting me.

On one cold January morning, a time when my landlord gave the tenants to our laundry room to keep the homeless from sleeping in its warmth, five degrees outside with seven inches of snow on the ground, a group of children were waiting at the door at 10a.m. After they entered one of the teens, acting...