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Dexter's Dreams "Winter Dreams" by F.Scott Fitzgerald a fictional story that focuses around the American dream in the 1920"˜s. "Winter Dreams" was first published in the Metropolitan Magazine (December 1922) and was in his collection All the Sad Young Men (1926). Fitzgerald wrote "Winter Dreams" while working on his third novel The Great Gatsby. From rag-to-riches or material success "Winter Dreams" provides a glimpse of the wealthy in the U.S. Around the time of World War 1.Like the Great Gatsby, this story examines a boy whose ambitions become identified with obtaining a selfish rich girl, and overcoming the pursuit of happiness while continuing to succeed in life.

In a country club area where golf was everyday to many, Shemy Island in Minnesota was where Dexter Green grew up; his father owned the second largest grocery in town and was largely successful.

In the same town written about, Fitzgerald himself had actually spent of adolescent years growing up there. Dexter Green the main character, had the work ethic of a champion. Everything he seemed to do prospered. Even as a young caddie he was known around to be "the best" and even into his older years he always was one of the best. Through his first job he met Judy Jones, the girl whose twisted smile turned him red, and made him fall for her uniqueness.

After passing up the opportunities to attend a well-known prestigious college or university Dexter chooses to follow a dream and opened a laundry. Within months his shop grew and eventually he had several branches gaining money and the new man reputation with power. Then one day while playing golf, a sport he had mastered while caddying his eyes met again with Judy Jones. Judy and Dexter's stare started a new relationship; it was so different yet critiques compared their romance to that of Fitzgerald's. They dated, they fell in love and eventually they ended their relationship. Their relationship was illustrated almost one like Zelda's and F. Scott Fitzgerald's. Judy Jones was the golden girl, the unattainable prize. She was the one who was in control and, ultimately, had the power to hurt Dexter. They said Judy was like Zelda in the way she had the capacity to hurt F. Scott Fitzgerald.

EveryThing Dexter wanted he could probably have it. After years of endless chasing after the flirtatious girl he met a new love Irene Scheerer.Soon to announce their engagement he ran into Judy again, who announces she was ready to be his wife. Dexter had to deny, even though he thought about her still. Even though he had wanted her and dreamed about her, he knew she wasn't for her. After years had past Dexter heard Judy's name through a worker. He finds out about her cheating husband, and loss of beauty. She was no more beautiful to men, no more than she had ever been. Dexter is so hurt by the man's news he wonders what could have happened if he had married Judy Instead of staying single.

Through the six episodes of Dexter Green "˜s life you understand more about the American dream in the 1920. How many people found them selves searching for riches, romance and the pursuit of happiness? In the end Dexter shows a sense of uncertainness and he grieves for the loss of his capacity to grieve. The impossible ness of obtaining all of the hearts desires came to character and illustrates the American dream for him as well as Fitzgerald.