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Are you the first born in the family? Do you have a different personality from your siblings? There is a belief that birth order has a major effect on our personalities. It is believed that many aspects of our lives such as employment, accomplishments, and social interaction are affected by our birth order. Birth order generate specific differences in first and last born children. The differences may be the answer to why two siblings are not the same. First and last born children are different in personality, general conduct in society and the way they deal with emotional and logical issues in life.

First born children in the family have unique characteristics. Compared to other siblings, they are more responsible and protective. In family interactions, they show interest in helping and always strive to do better. That may be one of the reasons; other siblings rely on them as a strong body in the family.

Research shows that in dangerous situations, first born children are more protective than other siblings in the family. It should be noted that first born children are more ambitious and honest. Statistic shows that more CEO's are first born children. First born children possess more leadership and authority in their jobs and in society. Many United States presidents have been first born children.

Last born children in the family tend to be the freest spirited ones. This is due to the laid back attitude of the parents toward up-bringing of a child compared to the way they raised their first child. In general last born children do not like helping others. Because of this, they are considered to be self-centered and selfish. Last born children tend to manipulate the other family members in order to get what they want. Because the older...