The difference between Social Family and Information-Processing Family is that social family models

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The difference between Social Family and Information-Processing Family is that social family models is based on collective energy which are developed to take advantage by coming together to build learning communities. Within the classroom the social models develops cooperative learning relationships. The information-processing family models, is based on enhancing a person's innate drive to make sense of his or her surroundings around them by using organizing data, finding solutions, to name a few. Also it is used in education to study oneself and society and achieving not only social goals but personal goals as well.

Technology can provide a unique and compelling curriculum. For example,

science textbooks and history textbooks are notoriously out of date. In contrast, the

Internet offers students a vast pool of current scientific data. Most of the time the

Internet makes learning fun, unlike the plain fashion of the 'almighty' textbook.

Computers and other technology can also heighten the learning process by actively

engaging students in the task of exploring data.

Some students may be tempted to

simply download information from the Internet that does not have anything to do with a

particular subject that they were asked to research resource that challenges every student. In the social family model, the goals, outcome, and strategy are based on working with the teacher and other students to accomplish the goal of finding research off the computer. The materials are having a computer for you or sharing with another student. In the Information-processing family the goal of the student is to be able to find information on your own using the computer. Am I able to start the computer, searching a subject, finding articles, journals and or books on your own. The outcome is based on wither you found what you were looking for. As a student was...