The Difficult Childhood of Helen keller.

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Major Essay

The Difficult Childhood of Helen Keller

Maria Reyes Diaz

Dec. 3/01

Helen Adams Keller was born into a wealthy family on the summer of June 27, 1880, in Tuscumbia Alabama. Helen was a very intelligent girl who was interested in everything around her; at least she was able to enjoy the beauty of nature through vision and the beauty of speech and hearing for the first few months of her life. Helen's life dramatically changed when she was struck by acute congestion of the stomach and brain, similar to meningitis. This illness caused a severe fever that left Helen paralyzed of her vision, speech and hearing, at only 19 months of age- Helen had become deaf, blind, and mute for the rest of her life. "When Helen Keller was made blind and deaf through fever at the age of nineteen months, the prospects for her seemed anything but rosy."#

In analyzing Helen Adam Keller's relationship with the people surrounding her, learning about the world she lived in and her relationship with her teacher afterwards, it will be proven that Helen Keller's childhood was more complicated than what any of us would imagine.

In regards to Helen Keller's relationship with the people surrounding her, such as family, children and teacher, her childhood was very difficult. The main problem with Helen's relationship with her family and kids her age was misunderstanding. Neither her parents nor other children understood her. The Keller's would not discipline her, they would rather keep her spoiled than to tolerate her rowdiness. Her parents felt pity for her, therefore she could not express herself, hear or see so they tolerated all her tantrums. The children also did not understand her; they were petrified of her. Helen would hit them when she wanted something. The...