Is it difficult to meet the opposite sex?

Essay by kbintxF, March 2006

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Today, when talking about dating, there are many ideas. Some say dating is difficult; others have no problem with it at all. For me it is easier for men and women to meat these days because of the following reasons.

In the past, in my country, women had no rights. Before they got married, their lives belonged to their parents. They were often put in charge of the household work after their school time. Not only were they not allowed to leave the house without the accompaniment of relatives, but they were also forbidden to make appointments with boys in their homes. They were not allowed to date men, and they had to obey their parents' decisions for them, including any issues pertaining to marriage. Dating between men and women was also scrutinized by society; people would stare at couples together and talk about them everywhere. So the only chance that men and women had for meeting each other was after they were married.

Women in the present have many advantages over their grandmothers or their mothers. They are protected by law; they have as many rights as men do. Moreover, they have jobs and attend many social events. As a result, men and women now have many good conditions under which to meet and to understand each other without any prohibition from their families or from the society at large. Life conditions are better and better, and that will make dating even more convenient.

Although today's busy lives may take a lot of their time, they also have many supports from friends, their family, mass communication with "Friend clubs" or something like that, and society support in order to connect one to another. And the most important thing is their own attempt.