"Taking Charge In The Dating World" explains the obsticles of dating. Includes a personal experience.

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Taking Charge In The Dating World

Throughout time men and women have used a variety of creative ways to "break the ice". I too have had my share of dealing with this fundamental part of attracting the opposite sex. It is no mystery that this is still a very difficult bridge for many to cross. Usually it isn't how you decide to court someone, but it's building the self-confidence to make that first move. Through trial and error these uncomfortable situations can produce rewards for those who dare to receive them.

Meeting people has always been an exciting adventure to journey upon. It all begins at an early age when feelings develop for those in our environment. Adulthood brings stronger desires to enjoy the incentives of a relationship. Whether it's the first time you tell him/her about your attraction or going on a blind date. These actions satisfy our urges to congregate with our peers.

Recently at a local dance club I had my taste of the dating scene. And I must admit I was a little timid when it came to picking up the ladies. It's never easy letting your guard down, but in this situation it is of the utmost importance. I failed miserably when I had my chance to dance with a woman that came with friends of mine. Soon came along another woman who was far more aggressive with me. These two encounters have given me self-assurance to be more direct next time.

It is true that I had a hard time that night, but I know that my future is bright. What I learned most from these encounters was that I am worthy of happiness. As long as we learn from our mistakes we gain from what we have lost. Through these experiences I have...