Diry Dancing Film Review

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Though this paper is a movie review it is written in a comparison context. It was written for my sex and the family class and the assingment was to pick a movie (from a given list) and do a comparison review of how the family in the movie was like/dislike my family.

Dirty DancingFilm Review

As my family consists of a father, (who is older than my mother), my mother, an older brother, (of 6 years), and myself, I chose to review the movie "Dirty Dancing." I chose this movie first because I enjoy it and second because the family structure of Baby's family, (father, mother, older sibling, younger sibling), resembles mine. Throughout this review I will discuss most aspects of the movie in the father, mother, older sibling, younger sibling format since this is what I am familiar with and I will be using the character names of the Houseman family instead of the actor's names.

Element of the Houseman family are again similar to mine with a father, (Jake), mother, (Marjorie), older sister, (Lisa), and a younger sister, (Frances/Baby). As for characteristics Jake is very professional which I'm sure comes with the territory of being a doctor, he has a powerful way about him as he demands absolute respect from both his family and others, thus he is respected, and he is also seems very intelligent. Marjorie is proper, and seems to be quite submissive and passive to the wants and ideals of her husband, but she is also very caring and understanding towards her daughters. Lisa seems to be incredibly superficial, self involved and naive especially in the context of the men she gets involved with. She doesn't seem to be very smart, and not only is she "I" focused, but she seems to...