Disaster Recovery Plan

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Disaster recovery and a data continuity plan used in my organization.

"We live in a different world than we did before September 11, 2001. We are more aware of our vulnerabilities, more appreciative of our freedoms and more understanding that we have a personal responsibility for the safety of our families, our neighbors and our nation."

I work at a small business, and we currently have a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan, it details specifics on issues related to disaster recovery, and a data continuity plan. This plan was designed to be used by someone who is not an information technology expert Some of these disasters may include a system failure, natural disasters like earthquakes, or floods, and acts of war or terrorism.

It can be broken down into four primary general categories; detailed security plans, detailed recovery procedures, detailed test plans with methods to define success, and a post-test clean-up plan.

Some of the undisclosed details include sample layouts with step-by-step instructions, flow-chart, maps and check off sheets. It also includes a list of contacts, what their responsibilities are, and their addresses, primary and secondary telephone numbers. The contacts are listed on a chart with levels of succession, in the event the primary contact is unavailable the contacts duties are transferred to the contact below them. The last contact will contact the highest person on the list to provide a report of accountability and to set the plan in motion.

The detailed security plan outlines what information or equipment needs to be secured. It addresses the levels of classified data, how it should be handled, and who may handle it. The goal of this plan is to provide data continuity, integrity and security. The plan addresses both physical and safety issues. It provides instructions on how to...