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In today's society ,discrimination is not a thing of the past it may have taken on

new forms but, it has never left. In many cases ,people view discrimination as a negative

factor in life, but in some situations discrimination can be justified. Our society has a

tremendous history of discrimination that is considered negativity ,but can also be

justified logically . Three prominent areas in which one can observe the impact of

discrimination are gender, race, and sexual orientation.

Gender discrimination is a form that has evolved over the years. In the past women were viewed as homemakers. They were responsible for cooking ,cleaning, taking care of children and all the domestic duties of the home , while the men were viewed as the worker, provider, the more dominant figure in the household. Today women are doing almost everything a man would do, but there are certain activities in which men and women should not participate in together , such as sports that involve physical contact.

The male anatomy is different from the female anatomy therefore; it would not be fair due to natural advantages.

Race has always been and will be a basis of discrimination; as long as different ethnic cultures and race exists , racial discrimination will be a issue. Most people accept the fact that people are not all the same color, size, etc., but there is always that group of people who believe their race superior to all others. Racial discrimination affects employment ,housing and the safety of certain individuals in some places.

Sexual orientation is also a big issue in the world today. Gays are discriminated against because of the nature of their attraction to the same sex. Most people feel uncomfortable around gays but will not show it, on...