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"Schindler's List," written by Steven Spielberg, examines the horrific tragedies to Jewish peoples amongst other minorities during the holocaust. At the start of the movie, Oskar Schindler first employs Jewish people because he sees them as cheap labour and could overuse them without having to pay them. The only thing the Jews needed was to stay alive, so that was far better than a salary to them. Schindler employed Jews rather than the more knowledgeable Polish metal-workers. Further into the movie, Schindler realized the struggles and helplessness of the Jewish people. He knew that something had to be done, and of few people who actually did something, Schindler took the initiative to save people. Schindler was benevolent when he created his list. He spent his entire life's money to save as many Jews as he possibly could. He also couldn't bear to tell Stern that he had bought the Jews from Goeth.

Stern who originally ignored Schindler because Schindler used the Jews as cheap labour now couldn't believe that Schindler was doing all he could do and more to save what are now known as the "Schindler Jews." When Schindler received the 'ring' from his Jewish workers, he cried. Oskar saw different things throughout the movie which pushed him to take a more prevalent role in saving the Jews. A primary time in the movie which motivated Schindler was when he first saw a little Jewish girl wearing a red coat. She was carelessly walking through the Krakow ghetto when the rest of the ghetto was being rounded up to be sent to death camps. The red coat was the only time colour was used in the entire movie. Spielberg did this to enhance the role of colour. Schindler picked her out of the crowd and was in...