DiscussTwain's use of contrasting ideas or character foils._Huck Finn_ Essay Mark Twain

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DiscussTwain's use of contrasting ideas or character foils._Huck Finn_ Essay Mark Twain was, without question, the finest satirist of his time.Through his writing, one can see a deeper morality than most of his timeheld. His novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was no exception; heused his gift of satire to show the flaws of the people around him. Hecontrasted the illusion of freedom to reality, ignorance withenlightenment, and what is perceived as good to what is truly good. The illusion of freedom is a powerful one; it allows people -- inthis case, Huck -- to rest in a false sense of control over one's ownlife. When Huck is with Widow Douglas, he feels that he can sneak out atnight and be himself, but she is constantly trying to control his everymove. After he and Pap leave society, he feels free from itsconstrictions, but he was kept under a rule that was stricter thanbefore.

After he ran away, he felt he was finally free, but he had toconstantly hide and stay in certain places to avoid being caught. In anote of irony, the only place he is truly free is on the raft, the mostphysically confining place he can possibly be. Another powerful illusion of mankind is that people typicallybelieve they are more intelligent than they truly are. Many falselybelieve themselves to always be correct, and are unable to see their mistakes, even when they are in plain view in front of them. When TomSawyer, and the other children form a band of robbers near the beginningof the novel, they aren't dismayed by the fact that they don't know whatransom is, and they have full confidence in their amazing abilities tomisunderstand and incorrectly apply the stories they've read. The kingand duke use this illusion against the people by profiting off...