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Arbolado 1

Tricia Ann Arbolado

Professor Walker Weimer

ENG 98

9 / 7 / 2014

"D I V E R G E N T"

I was fifteen years old, I moved from Philippines to United States. I was thrilled when my Dad told me that I have the opportunity to attend college in America, from a Philippine private school to a huge American Community college, from a distinct culture to another. I had signed up for my classes, my own schedule, everything is all on me. The entire first day of class was provocative. Divergent people, races and age; no dress codes, no uniform, so people had piercings, tattoos and pink hair!.Everything was utterly diverse to my vision. I felt jittery. I had no choice but to speak English, I was struggling communicating back then, afraid that people might make fun of me. My Mom's word kept playing on my head "Kaya mo yan!" or "You can do it!" .

Majoring in Tourism and Hospitality, I had classmates from all around the world. As I walk through my classroom, browsing where should I place myself, I decided to sit down near the aisle. I love meeting new people, I thought maybe I should make new friends!. "Hello, How are you today? I'm Tricia" "Hi, I'm fine thank you! I'm Yuumi" .I made my first college friend. Yuumi was a 20year old Japanese student, after a while, we found out we have similar interest and It turned out we are all in the same boat. I felt less nervous. Classes began, nobody was talking, everybody was attentive. Our Professor arrived early. Her name was Vivvienne Sario,

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an elegant and sweet lady. The first task she assigned us to do was introduce and say a little something interesting about...