Diversity and Racism: Business Ethics

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Diversity and Discrimination:The Problem and the Solution for PHDCJames Holliday6340 Chew Avenue Apt. 17BPhiladelphia, PA 19138James.holliday@temple.edu215-432-2570GM591Walter J. Brey Jr.

4/20/08IntroductionThe organization that I will discuss in this paper is The Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation (PHDC) which is my fiancé's place of employment. PHDC has been making positive contributions toward the revitalization of Philadelphia's neighborhoods. Their core message is one of accomplishment. The initiatives that have been undertaken during the past five years are providing the foundation for further growth and development within the city. Partnerships with both for-profit and non-profit organizations mean increased support and investment in targeted neighborhoods. These initiatives often leverage private capital that improves local economic conditions. PHDC is creating viable communities and provides effective housing programs that benefit the low- and moderate-income residents of Philadelphia. Even though PHDC is doing good things for communities, there is much work needed within the organization itself when it comes to diversity and discrimination.

Within PHDC there are various dimensions of discrimination that occur. These dimensions of discrimination are:- Age- Income/Compensation- RaceThere is a lack of diversity in the different levels of PHDC. This affects performance negatively and makes employees lose the will and motivation to want to succeed. When it comes to promotions and advancement, the older age group is always pre-selected for positions even when they post the position and have the employees take the examination. This also causes income discrimination due to not allowing younger employees to advance in the organization. Also lay-offs occur often and the same group is targeted for the lay-offs each time. This leads to low morale, lack of motivation, lack of trust in the employer and division within PHDC. There is a need to greatly increase diversification in this organization. What can be done to simultaneously increase diversity and decrease discrimination within...