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Psychological Impact Of Divorce

ENG 204 Research Paper

American University Of Sharjah

Carole Ismail 51979


In today's society, divorce has turned into an ordinary thing in our lives. Married couples today are getting a separation because of numerous distinctive reasons, either in spouse having an affair, a loss of sentimental emotions, clashes in the marriage, and different sorts of issues. Most of the divorces have kids that are truly young and because of their age they don't have any thought on the best way to manage this sort of situation. This paper examines of how divorce of the parents usually turns into the cause of psychological, behavioral and other social issues involving to their children's lives that can continue into adulthood.

Despite the fact that, divorce is truly a good thing, some times it can be positive for both parents and children regarding the consequences, for example, children being happy, parents also being happy, and allowing them to get mature.

Parents being separated can be better for the kids as then they do not have to face and deal with their parents fights on daily basis. If they are placed in a better and stable environments it can affect them in progressive ways. Occasionally, it is also better for the child if they have been in an environment of domestic abuse, for instance; mother, brother, sister, or even themselves being abused and mistreated. If parents are glad then more than likely the kids are happy, because the children usually look up to the parents on how they live. More effective communication skills in the long run will help parents and children be more accepting with one another. Not many divorces end well or even start off good then it...